We Are Handsome

We Are Handsome - Showman Bandeau Bikini

We Are Handsome - Diver Zipsuit

PhotographerCharles Newbury
Hair/MakeupAnnika Bowen
ModelLaura-Jane Corker
We are proud to present the next installment of The Handsome Project. Each month we’ll showcase an amazing young photographer who blows our minds, shoots our stuff and is all together fantastic. Read on to see the rest of Charles’ WAH photoshoot and interview!

We Are Handsome - Garden Minidress

How did you get to here? (What’s your photographer history?)
I’ve always had a natural curiosity for images. This lead me to video and from there photography.

Are you a self-taught photographer or did you have a mentor/teacher that showed you the ropes?
I’m a self taught photographer and learn from the worlds best photographers and their different styles

How did you come up with the concept behind your Handsome Project shoot?
I believe that the location should compliment the garments and suit the style of the brand.

What keeps you enthused in the photography industry?

We Are Handsome - Anchorage Silk Scarf

Describe your approach in three words.
Unique, Creative, Determine

Black & white or colour?
Depending on the project

Do you prefer film or digital? Why?
I originally learnt on film but digital is easier and more universal

Favourite camera?
Canon 5dmkii

We Are Handsome - Hunter Scoop One piece

Describe your photographic approach.
Unique, Creative, Determined

Favourite photographer?
Mario Testino

What turns you on?
Music Photography, Fashion Photography, Portrait Photography

What turns you off?
Senseless nudity in photos

We Are Handsome - Grizzly Frill Bikini

How do you decide on locations & subjects for your shoots?
Location for me is foremost as I’m always wanting to create different looking images. I attempt to match the model with the product and to match the location

If you could take your photography in any direction without fear of failure or rejection, where would it lead? What new things would you try?
To photograph more people to help my understanding of the relationship between the subject and myself

Best advice you’ve ever received.
The day after shooting a concert, An international recording artist emailed me saying
“Awesome photos, love them!!”

We Are handsome - Anchorage Leggings

What is the one quality you think is needed for a photographer to be great?
A different approach

Where to next?
As Buzz lightyear said “To Infinity and Beyond”

You can also find Charles’ work on Facebook, so check it out!
We would like to applaud Charles for the gorgeous shoot he put together! You captured a smouldering beachy vibe to the shoot that we completely adore. The last shot of the Anchorage Leggings is definitely a fave!

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